Why are service guarantees important?

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SJA recognizes the critical importance of providing property owners with peace of mind and assurance. Our suite of guarantees is designed to address the key concerns that owners might have when entrusting their property to a management company.



Starting with the Happiness Guarantee, we offer an assurance right from the beginning. If you find our services not meeting your expectations within the first three months, you can cancel the agreement without any penalties, and we’ll refund your monthly management fees. This shows our confidence in the quality of service we provide and our commitment to your satisfaction.

The Rent Deposit Guarantee ensures that your rental income is predictable and secure, with rent proceeds deposited by the 15th of each month. This stability is essential for effective financial planning and peace of mind.

Understanding the importance of timely and clear communication, our Response Time Guarantee ensures that questions and concerns are addressed promptly within 24 hours during business hours. This commitment to communication underpins the strong relationships we build with our clients.

Our 30-Day Rental Guarantee and Tenant Placement Guarantee are all about minimizing vacancies and ensuring the quality of tenants. If we can’t secure a tenant within 30 days, we’ll waive the first month’s management fee, demonstrating our confidence in our marketing and tenant placement strategies. Furthermore, if a tenant we place breaks their lease within the first six months, we commit to finding a new tenant without any additional leasing fee, ensuring minimal disruption to your rental income.

Pets can often be a concern for property owners, which is why we offer an Animal Protection Guarantee. This includes comprehensive measures like pet screening and mid-lease inspections, providing assurance that pet tenancies will be managed effectively.

Lastly, our Easy No Fee Cancellation Guarantee offers you the flexibility to terminate our management services at any time without penalty. This flexibility is part of our commitment to providing services that consistently meet your needs and expectations.


Each of these guarantees is integrated into our approach to property management, reflecting SJA’s comprehensive commitment to your peace of mind, financial stability, and the overall care and success of your property investment.

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