Whether you’re looking for an apartment property manager or someone to look after your condominiums, you have to know that the Woodinville property manager you hire is the best you can afford. Woodinville is famous for its high quality of living with a low poverty rate and high draw for high-income renters. With five local private schools, the area is also a large draw for parents looking for a better standard of education, which is great for anyone who owns a home or large apartment to rent out. Unfortunately, renting apartments, homes, and even offices can be difficult for anyone who does not know what they are looking for. The following tips will help you to find a property manager in Woodinville that you can trust to take care of your investments for you. Check the Rentals They Are Already Managing The first thing anyone should do when looking for an apartment property manager is to look into how many units they are already managing. Experts suggest that the average trained employee can manager about 40 units before losing quality of services. If the company has a low number of employees and a lot of units that they are managing, then they might not have the time to handle yours efficiently. On the other hand if they have a good unit to employee ratio and are open to hiring more people to handle your needs, you can probably be safe in that they will have the time to manage your apartments effectively. On the other hand, if the property management company owns their own units, you might want to steer clear, studies show that these types of companies will show preference to their own units when renting, and managing. Are they Respectful? If you go in for an interview and you are constantly being cut off, talked to like an inferior, or otherwise treated with disrespect then you know to steer clear. If someone is willing to treat their paycheck with disrespect then they will have absolutely no trouble treating your valuable tenants with disrespect. Choose wisely based on personal impressions after an interview. Never Pay Upfront Most Woodinville apartment management companies will charge between 7 and 15% of revenue. Some will ask that you pay this up front on ‘potential’ earnings. It is important that you avoid the latter as they might never deliver on work. The best property management companies in Woodinville offer you the option to not pay until you earn money, which makes a lot more sense from an investment standpoint. Do They Offer a Schedule? Whenever you hire a management company you have to know what they are offering. Will they be inspecting the property for issues every 6 months? Will they be inspecting for maintenance? Will they be routinely visiting the property to offer service calls? Some Woodinville companies will charge extra for these services but the best ones do not. Make sure you ask and see how often the company will be visiting, and whether it will cost anything extra from you. Check Services Last but not least, you want to know exactly what your Woodinville property manager is offering. Regular maintenance, paperwork, taxes, advertising, background checks and screening, repairs, dealing with complaints, and more, should all be services offered by a management company. If these services are not part of their included options, you might want to look elsewhere for someone who does offer good service. Hiring a property manager in Woodinville requires careful thought and consideration, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. You can look at reviews, ask other investors that you know, or check statistics to see who the top performing property management companies in the area are. We suggest that you start by checking out SJA Property Management for all of your property management needs including stellar service, low fees, and excellent management.