About Us

Who are we?

At SJA Property Management, we are on a mission to elevate the property management industry, one positive owner experience at a time. We have been successful for more than ten years by staying true to our company’s core values: acting with integrity, communicating clearly and effectively, challenging the status quo, and bringing positivity. We exist as a company to provide our customers with the best possible results regarding their investment properties.

How do we succeed?

  • Team-based service: We invest in our people so that they can provide our owners with an excellent experience. We hire quality employees who work within a cohesive management team, each bringing their area of expertise, enabling us to provide more consistent results over the long term. Our owners are assigned a dedicated point of contact, making communication clear and straightforward.
  • Safeguarding our clients and their property: We are “all in” on protecting our clients and their assets. We work diligently to ensure that each of our properties is taken care of from both a maintenance and a risk perspective. We have excellent ongoing and preventative maintenance processes, and our routine property evaluations lead the industry in their scope and effectiveness.
  • Successful track record: We are a homegrown company, having gained local knowledge and expertise managing hundreds of homes and tenants in the Puget Sound region. We consistently provide the best possible results to our owners over the long term.

Who do we serve?

We serve owners of single-family and small multi-family properties. Our clients’ respect our high level of competency, which allows them to be hands-off, and enables us to provide them with the best results possible.

The Pacific Northwest real estate landscape is always changing and getting more complicated. We are committed to educating our owners on these changes and how to navigate them effectively. We take the trust our clients put in us seriously, knowing they have hired us to provide competent full-service property management and providing them with a stress-free experience. This trust has given us clients for life.

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