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Bothell, Washington is celebrated for several reasons. It is known for its diversity of shops, markets, events, and bustling job market with nearby tech companies like Intel, Microsoft, Google, and Zynga. Those who live here are unsurprised that their city is recognized as one of the healthiest cities in the entire Puget Sound area. These characteristics, and more, make this city a perfect place to live or invest in rental property according to SJA, a leading Bothell real estate company offering experienced and professional Bothell property managers.

Partnering with a professional property management company that knows the area can significantly increase your overall profits and limit your risks as a landlord. While local real estate is an excellent option for investors of all sizes and risk tolerances, it can be difficult without a strong knowledge of the local market, local real estate laws, and resources.

Buying Investment Property in Bothell

Like Seattle and the other surrounding communities, Bothell, Washington, offers a diverse range of commercial and residential rental property investment opportunities for buyers. While prices will vary depending on the neighborhood and the home condition, the median price for an investment property home in the Bothell market is $700,000 for single-family residential. Predictably, nearly all townhouses and condominiums sell for less, which can make them better investment choices for investors with lower cash reserves available.

This city offers up a diverse opportunity for your investment property. For example, the Canyon Creek area offers two elementary schools. It is likely to appeal to families, while Riverfront is central to the Sammamish River Park and the local senior center. Researching the area before buying ensures that you purchase the right property for your investment in the city.

Many factors are leading to high demand and rental prices in the Bothell area. Bothell includes a wide variety of entertainment opportunities for residents, including several retail districts. Thrashers Corner and Country Village are two hubs for shopping and entertainment. There are also theaters, multiple civic events throughout the year, and several local restaurants and café’s specializing in many culturally diverse cuisines. These amenities make Bothell especially appealing to those looking for work at one of the city’s many local biotech or tech companies, who actively invest in and employ from the area.

Average Rent Rate in Bothell, Washington

  • 2 bed/2 bath 1,000-1500 square foot condo – $1,400 – $2,000 depending on location
  • 4 bed/2 bath, 2,500 square foot single family home – $2,500 – $3,650 depending on location

Managing Rental Property in Bothell, Washington

Bothell supports a complex system of city laws designed to protect tenants, but it makes your job as a landlord more difficult. For property owners who do not live in the area or who do not have the relevant experience, the best way to go is to hire a professional Bothell or other local Snohomish County property management company. Other options include taking property management classes at the University of Washington: Bothell or joining the Rental Association of Puget Sound for tips and advice from other renters. It is also essential to familiarize yourself with Washington’s Landlord-Tenant Law (Chapter 59.18 RCW) before renting out property.

Our goal is to provide you with relevant and valuable information to help guide your decision-making without drowning you in data. Everyone’s situations and preferences are slightly different. Quite often, the most efficient and effective way to get your questions answered is to talk one-on-one with an expert area property manager who has years of experience to draw upon. SJA Property Management provides free, no-obligation consultation on all matters related to real estate and property management. Please don’t hesitate to call us at 425-658-1920 or email for a free consultation.

Residential Landlord-Tenant Resources
Revised Residential Landlord-Tenant Act – Chapter 59.18 RCW
Bothell City Hall