How to Find the Real Value of Your Seattle Property

Seattle homeowners and buyers alike will benefit from having a clear understanding of Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) what it is and how it can help determine the real value of a Seattle property, or a property located anywhere else. CMA helps determine real estate values and will work anywhere, in or outside of Seattle, WA.  Simply put, CMA is a detailed report that includes a comparison of similar properties found in the same and/or surrounding neighborhoods to the property you are considering. Having the real value helps in determining the current market value of the property and is also type of information constantly being updated by savvy real estate investors.  CMA information is vital when considering the purchase of Seattle real estate.  Simply, CMA is worth knowing about.

What is Comparative Market Analysis?

CMA is a detailed report that real estate agents and property managers both use to provide to homeowners or potential homebuyers to help them determine the real value of the property they are interested in. This report consists of detailed information about comparable properties located within the same area.

The report includes properties that are similar to the target property in terms of size, age, number of rooms, location, and other factors. This information is then analyzed to determine the real value of the target property.


How to Determine the Value of a Property

Several factors determine the value of a property. A few of them include location, property condition, size, number of rooms, and availability of local amenities.

To determine the value of the property, the real estate agent, property manager, or other real estate investor, will gather all relevant information about the property and compare it to similar properties in the same area. Using this data will help determine the average sale price of comparable properties in the area and adjust accordingly for differences in the target property.

For instance, if the target property has a larger lot size, the agent might adjust the value upwards. Whereas, if the target property is older, the agent might adjust the value downwards. The property that is the most similar to the target property is referred to as the ‘comparable property.’


Importance of Comparative Market Analysis

CMA is an essential tool for potential homebuyers as it helps them determine the real value of a property. Without CMA, potential homebuyers might purchase a property at a higher price, which will not be beneficial in the long run.

CMA is also beneficial for real estate agents as they can use it as an effective tool to market the property. Additionally, homeowners can also use the comparative market analysis report to make informed decisions about the potential sale or purchase of their property.

To conclude, Comparative Market Analysis is a vital tool for both potential homebuyers and homeowners. It enables them to make informed decisions about purchasing or selling their property based on its real value. If you are considering purchasing a property or planning to sell your existing one, contact your reliable real estate agent today to arrange a CMA report.

For more information, you can refer to The Balance website. They have provided an in-depth article on CMA and its importance.

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