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Managing Issaquah property is a lot of work, considering you have to keep up with the cities strict guidelines for repair, tenant management, and housing standards.

However, managing your resident relations with your tenants can be even more difficult if you don’t know where to start. Because many tenants actually leave if they are dissatisfied with their rental or with the management, keeping up good relations ensures that you keep your units full, that you get good online reviews when they leave, and that they’re more likely to take care of your property. The following tips from professional Issaquah property managers should help you with managing your own resident relations.  

Respect Privacy  

Washington state law allows you to keep a copy of keys to rentals. It also allows you to do emergency inspections without the tenants consent if you believe they have damaged something, or with a 24 hour notice for an inspection. Doing this may be legal, but it’s a bad idea unless your tenants are on your eviction list. If you have to do a walkthrough, you should ask and discuss things with your tenants in advance, to explain why and what you will be doing.  You should do the same when making requested repairs, upgrades, or any other maintenance, make sure the tenants are happy with what time you are coming over, and that they know why you’re coming in.  

Do an Annual Survey  

Handing out an annual survey to see how happy your tenants are with your apartment is a low cost way to make sure that you aren’t neglecting anything, that you haven’t missed a problem, and that your tenants aren’t waiting for their first opportunity to leave. You can place items like a simple request to state satisfaction with cleanliness, repairs, lobby, personal support, emergency services, and so on.  

Keep Tenants Up to Date 

It might seem like a hassle,  but keeping tenants up to date with things around the building, including amenities, major repairs, or any nearby developments, can make them a lot happier. For example, if you’re planning on doing construction in one of the rooms, letting everyone know is important. You can also alert tenants to various amenities such as new shops, nightclubs, or art exhibits nearby, to ensure that they stay informed. A blog or a newsletter is the easiest way to offer this information.  

Make Customer Service a Priority  

Customer service can be a hassle, especially when you have tenants who call you first. If you don’t have a professional Issaquah property manager to help you with accepting requests, complaints, and handling emergency repairs, then it can be difficult to keep up with, but it is vital for your residential relations. Make sure you keep a separate phone available for tenants to call for assistance, and that you answer it promptly when they call.  

Keep Up with Maintenance and Upgrades  

Doing maintenance promptly, occasionally investing in your buildings to install upgrades (like a new boiler, new paint, better lighting, etc.) can boost how happy your tenants are with buildings. Usually, you should set aside a small percentage of your rental income to invest directly back into the building, whether that’s maintenance, new appliances, or something cosmetic.  

Managing property is a lot of work, especially if you have a lot of tenants. Because keeping up with your tenants is just as, if not more, challenging as keeping up with your buildings, you might need help. A professional Issaquah property management company can help, and make sure that all you have to worry about is your next investment. 

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