If you’re making use of a Redmond property manager, you don’t have to worry about this bit of advice, but if you’re still doing things by yourself, you should definitely pay attention. If you’re about to have people come to look at your property, then it has to be ready. Renters and buyers usually have to make a decision based on first impressions, so your best bet is to make sure those impressions are good ones.

Manage Repairs

The first thing you want to do before even thinking about showing a home is to have anything and everything fixed. From small holes left in tile or the wall by the last renter, to broken gutters, anything wrong with any apartment, house, or condo is definitely a negative factor. Consider old or cracking paint, stains, loose boards, squeaking floors, rattling anything, and make repairs as necessary. Major appliances such as the hot water heater, the toilet, and the condition of the walls and floor should be your primary concern, but if these are in good shape, you can focus your attention on less pressing details.

Perform Minor Upgrades

Are the light switches old? Is the kitchen sink scratched? Look around the house and check for small and inexpensive things that you can upgrade to make the property look like new. If there are any major things these should come as priority, but if you’ve already handled major improvements, you can definitely benefit from looking at small things. Why, because the people looking at the home will be. Performing upgrades and repairs works for both indoor and outdoor appeal, so make sure you look at the house inside and out. The most important tip to remember is that the better it looks, the easier it is to rent or sell property in Redmond.

Learn the Figures

Chances are you’ve had your property reviewed for value sometime recently. Try quoting rental figures to potential buyers, or full sale price to potential buyers. In either case, the numbers are likely to get them thinking, renters because they don’t have to pay full price on the purchase, and buyers because each time they pay that amount of money it goes towards the purchase. Other figures that are handy to keep around while touring property might the last time it was renovated (the sooner the better), any recent renovations (if any), and probably even why the last renters or owners moved out. You can write most of this down in your phone if you aren’t good at remembering things, just make sure you can answer questions quickly, and as smoothly as possible.

There are plenty of Redmond property management tips available and you can check back with our blog for more ideas for managing your property next week. We recommend that you also take the time to check out our Redmond property management services to see if you might benefit from having your property managed.

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