If you want to run a professional rental service in Sammamish then you also have to handle professional repairs. Many renters and leasers think that just because they are renting out the property means that they don’t have anything to do with repairs or maintenance, especially not on any electronics or appliances that may have come with the unit. Unfortunately most renters expect their landlord to handle most or all of the repairs or at least pay for them. The latter option can get more than a little expensive if the tenant chooses to hire just any repairman, and you can almost definitely get a better deal by doing it yourself. Here are a couple of property management tips for Sammamish landlords who want to handle their repairs more professionally.

Make Sure Repairs Are Included in the Contract

The first step to handling your property repairs like a pro is to ensure that what you are and are not willing to repair, and for what reasons, is included in the contract. This means creating a terms or policy such as whether or not you are willing to pay out of pocket to repair accidental damage, or if you aren’t going to repair these items. You can also choose to state in your contract that you do not repair property, although this is likely to make your tenants unhappy.

Hire Someone Full Time or Find a Contractor

If you hire a Sammamish property manager then someone to handle the repairs is probably included in their basic fees. You will get the best deal because the property manager knows who to hire and who will be available to work on contract whenever you need them. As a result you save money. If you don’t hire a Sammamish property manager to do this for you then you should do your best to do it yourself. This means calling and potentially interviewing service repairmen around the area to find one or more who might be willing to show up as quickly as possible whenever you call in. Getting them to work on a monthly bill or service contract is likely to be more affordable than paying them per time if you have a lot of units. If you have more than a few hundred units, you may want to consider hiring a repair professional full time to save money on calls and transportation fees.

Respond Quickly

Last but not least, if you want to be a great Sammamish landlord, then you have to respond as quickly as possible. While you don’t necessarily have to pick up the phone 24/7 it is probably a good idea if you purchase a pay per minute phone or get a second phone number and then hand it out for emergencies only. This number should most likely be answered 24/7. Of course if you only have a few units this is not as necessary, but the more tenants you have, the more important it is to be able to answer the phone in case of an emergency. For example if you’re renting out condimoniums, someone might have a broken pipe that is leaking water everywhere. If you’re renting out commercial units, you might have had a robbery or breaking, which demands equal attention. If you don’t feel up to responding to a phone 24/7, hiring a Sammamish property manager to do it for you may be a better option.

Part of being a professional Sammamish landlord includes responding and acting quickly when your tenants need help. Unfortunately that can mean paying for repairs out of pocket and answering the phone at late hours.

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