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Hiring a Seattle property manager is often the best option for investors, as they have the knowledge and experience to ensure the Seattle property is managed efficiently and effectively. Property management companies servicing the Seattle area and who constantly monitor and react to changes in the Seattle rental market understand and have the necessary resources to handle tenant screening, rent collection, and maintenance.

A Seattle property manager can also provide invaluable advice on how to increase the value of the property. With the help of a property manager, investors can rest assured that their Seattle rental property is in safe hands and that their investments are being managed in the most effective manner.

Seattle WA Property Management

What is a Property Manager?

A property manager is an individual or property management company that manages residential or commercial properties for rent on behalf of the owner. The property manager often owns the company that manages the properties, providing them with a steady source of income. In addition to managing the day-to-day operations of a Seattle rental property, a property manager is often responsible for finding new tenants, screening applicants, negotiating lease agreements, and dealing with any tenant disputes.

Property managers also often have access to resources that can help increase the value of a rental property such as staging advice, contractor connections, and marketing materials. Property managers can be invaluable to investors who are operating in a new market. A Seattle property manager will have the local knowledge and experience to understand the best areas and neighborhoods to invest, as well as the best ways to find tenants and manage a rental considering  property to ensure maximum financial return on investment.

Why Hire a Seattle Property Management Company?

There are many reasons why an investor in Seattle rental properties would benefit from hiring a Seattle property management company. A property management company has the expertise, knowledge, and experience to effectively manage a Seattle rental property, dealing with all aspects of the investment from finding new tenants to handling maintenance issues as they arise. They can also provide valuable advice regarding how to increase the value of the property and maximize long-term profitability.

Hiring a property manager gives you the freedom to focus on other important aspects of your life, such as your career or family while knowing that your Seattle rental property is being managed in the most effective manner. Seattle property management companies also will often have a large network of contractors and resources at their disposal, which can be vital to a Seattle investor who is new to the Seattle marketplace.

Property Management Duties

The duties of a property management company are often dependent on the type of contract they have with the owner of the rental property. However, there are some general duties that most Seattle property managers will undertake when managing an rental property in Seattle.

  • Finding a new tenant for your Seattle rental

The first step of managing a rental property is finding new tenants to replace the current tenants when they vacate the property. A Seattle property management company will use a variety of resources, such as online listing sites, word of mouth, and referrals to find a suitable tenant. They will then screen the applicants and choose the best candidates to move into the property.

  • Manage the rental application process

Property managers will often have rental applications that they use when screening potential tenants, which is helpful for Seattle rental property investors who may not be familiar with the process. They will also usually will have a process for approving or denying applications.

  • Collecting rent

Property managers will collect the rent from tenants on a regular basis, usually on the first of each month. They will also often found to be responsible for disbursing funds to the investor, such as covering the costs associated with maintenance.

  • Managing maintenance of the Seattle rental property

Property managers will handle all issues related to the maintenance of the property, such as plumbing repairs, appliance problems, and other minor issues. A property manager  will also be responsible for replacing any damaged items, such as carpets or cabinets.

Benefits of Hiring a Seattle Property Management Company

There are many benefits to hiring a Seattle property management company to overlook an investment  towards a Seattle rental property. They have the expertise and knowledge to effectively manage Seattle property for rent, so investors don’t have to worry about day-to-day operations. A property manager can also provide more cost-effective options than those offered by Seattle area individual contractors for repairs.

All of SJA’s managed Seattle rental property owners have access to our proprietary list of discounted contractors. A seasoned Seattle property manager can also help increase the value of a property by staging the house and using marketing materials. They can also assist rental property investors in finding the best Seattle properties to buy in the market based on their experience and knowledge of the local real estate market.

Seattle Property Management Tips

It is important to communicate with your property manager and let them know what you expect from them and when. This will help them to better manage your rental property and give you peace of mind that your Seattle rental property investment is being handled in the best possible manner. You should also be sure to follow up with your property manager on a regular basis to make sure that things are going smoothly and to provide any guidance that may be necessary.

Property Management Software

Many Seattle property management companies use software to organize and manage their properties for rent, and SJA Property Management is no different. This software allows us to better manage client relationships, track maintenance issues and repairs, and effectively market their Seattle properties for rent online. The property management software system that SJA uses is AppFolio. This system offers us report generation, automation, online tracking, and online communication which helps streamline owning a property in Seattle. Other software that property management companies use includes electronic walk-through systems, digital signature programs, and online advertising reach with virtual marketing.

Seattle Property Management Services

There are several services that a Seattle property management company can provide. Some of the services that a property management company can offer include:

  • Advertising

Property managers often have access to marketing materials, such as flyers and brochures that they can use to advertise the property. This can be especially helpful for investors who don’t live in the area where their property is located.

  • Rental application process

Most Seattle property management companies have a rental application process that they use to screen potential tenants. This can be helpful for investors who may not be familiar with the Seattle area rental application process.

  • Screening a tenant

A Seattle property manager will screen each potential tenant to make sure that they are suitable to rent the property. This can be especially helpful for investors who are unfamiliar with the best ways to screen tenants.

  • Maintenance

A property manager will regularly inspect the rental property and conduct maintenance as necessary to ensure that the property is in good condition. This can be great guidance for investors who don’t know how to maintain their properties.

  • Marketing and staging

Property managers can help to increase the value of a property by staging the house and using marketing materials to advertise the property. This can give great support for investors who lack knowledge on how to effectively market their properties.

Seattle’s Property Management Solution

SJA is a premier property management company serving Seattle, Washington since 2009. We provide sophisticated, personalized, and comprehensive management services for single-family residences, luxury homes, condominiums, and multi-family buildings. For more information, simply fill out our online request form or give us a call at (425) 658-1920 – SJA property management in Seattle, Washington.