If you’re a real estate investor in the Kirkland area then you’re probably considered a property management company to help you with the day to day management, repairs, maintenance, and paperwork that come with owning rental property.


Maintenance and Repairs

Maintenance and repair services are extremely valuable because you don’t have to deal with maintenance scheduling, emergency repair requests, keeping an additional phone for calls, finding repair services, or similar, and you also benefit through reduced rates for maintenance and repairs. This works because most Kirkland property managers work with large companies that offer bulk discounts for servicing all of the property management company’s units, allowing you to get a discount.


Marketing services are valuable for property investors because it allows you to fill your units more quickly and easily, so that you profit more quickly. Some Kirkland property managers have a large network of connections, which they can use to find tenants for homes within weekly, instead of months, which is beneficial for you as well.

Tenant Relations

From tenant interviews, to background checks, to communication, blogs, and tenant portals, a good property manager will handle all of your tenant relations. This ensures that you are hiring vetted tenants, that they stay happy, and that you stay up to date on how they are doing, what they want, and how they feel about the property. This is mainly valuable to property owners because it is extremely time saving, as you don’t have to do it yourself.

Types of Property Management

There are multiple types of property management, and you should choose the manager experienced in your type of building or investment. If you have more than one type of investment, then you will need someone specializing in more than one, or multiple property managers, as laws, regulations, and requirements vary from sector to sector.

  • Residential Property Management
  • Commercial Property Management
  • Condo Property Management
  • Multi-Family Property Management

Paperwork & Legal Services

Paperwork and legal services are another service provided by some (not all) Kirkland property managers. This type of service is extremely valuable because it allows you to save on the cost of hiring an attorney to write up paperwork for you. While not all property managers offer this service, you do want to ensure that they are qualified to do it, and employ a real estate attorney.

Accounting & Finances

Accounting, finances, and taxes are the most difficult things for most new property investors to handle, so finding a property management company that is capable of helping you with at least some of the details can be extremely helpful. While you may still need your own accountant, especially for tax season, you can save on the hours the accountant puts in, because the rest of your finances will be organized. This includes weekly rental collection, rent management, deducting fees and maintenance, monthly reports, and so on

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