Showing your property is a major part of renting it out to a great tenant, and today we’re sharing some tips on how to make those showings successful.

Go Over the Important Things

When a potential tenant contacts you about your property, one of the first things you should do is go over the major terms with them. Make sure you are on the same page with things like the price of the rental property and the pet policy as well as the screening criteria and desired move-in date.

Schedule the Showing

If all of that checks out, you can then schedule the showing. If you are scheduling the showing any more than twenty-four hours out, it is always good to get a contact number so you can call to remind them of the appointment. It’s good for them to have your contact number as well so they can reach out to you if they are unable to make it. This will save you time in case of no-shows.

The Day of the Showing

On the day of the showing, you will want to arrive at the property at least fifteen minutes early so you can be sure the property is in show condition. Opening the blinds and turning on the lights make the property feel open and welcoming.

Be Sure to Check the Identification

When the potential tenant arrives, you will want to greet them outside the property and check their identification to be sure they are who you’re supposed to be meeting. Make sure this is done outside of the property for safety reasons. If something doesn’t seem right or if you feel uncomfortable for any reason, make up an excuse to reschedule the showing. This will give you more time to verify who they are before allowing them inside the property.

Discuss All Amenities

When you are showing a potential tenant around, you will want to go over all of the amenities. Fill them in on the location and any unique things about the property. It’s also good to review special terms regarding the property. For example, if there’s a nonworking appliance that you don’t plan to remove, let them know; otherwise, they may assume the appliance works. If you don’t make them aware of it, you’ll have some problems after they sign the lease and find it out on their own. Always be upfront and honest about all areas of your property.

Review the Application Process

You’ll want to go over the application process again with the potential tenant. Get all of the information you need such as the desired move-in date. You will want to be sure they are looking to move sooner rather than later to avoid having your property sitting vacant. Here at SJA Property Management, we require the lease to begin within three weeks. Although they do not have to move in within that timeframe, they do need to begin the lease at that time. This saves the owner from having their property on the market for an extended period of time.

Conduct a Thorough Screening

After you have made sure the application process is clear and understood and you have abided by the fair housing laws, you can begin the tenant screening process. We recommend using a third party for this so you can get a report back that is fair and objective. They will use the same criteria for all applicants which will protect you from any fair housing issues.

If you have any additional questions regarding the showing procedures in Redmond, please feel free to contact us at SJA Property Management Company.