If you’re trying to rent out your property then you want to find great tenants! While anyone can pay the rent and live in or have a business in your property, not everyone is a good tenant. Redmond property management company SJA Property Management is here to help with some easy management tips that you can use to find the right tenant.

Credit Check

The first step to finding a great tenant is to make sure that they have good credit. A credit check will include identifying information such as Social Security number, date of birth, current residence, name of spouse, list of known bank accounts, credit cards, loans and mortgages, payment patterns, and even co-signers. It should also list the number of people who have inquired for the credit check within the last two years as well as any public records of tax liens, evictions, bankruptcies, or civil judgments against the person as a tenant.

Background Check

While not quite as important as a credit check, a background check can help you to determine whether or not the tenant is suitable for your property. You will need to check the tenants ID to ensure that their name is correct and then take the name and birthdate to the local courthouse. You can also use one of many background check services. You will most likely have to fill out a variety of forms including your own address, full name, and contact information. A background check can be quite time consuming so you may be better off simply hiring someone to do it for you and then possibly including the fee of both the background check and the credit check as an ‘application fee’ for anyone who is interested in your property.

Things to Consider

The right tenant has a steady lifestyle which means that he, she, or they do not move often. Getting a new tenant requires advertising, screening, and interviews, all of which take time and money, so you want to look for someone who will stay for a good long time. It is also usually best to not allow more than two persons per bedroom if applicable, and to consider that families might be quieter, but often more damaging to property over time than single tenants. If possible, consider contacting a previous landlord to ask how often they complained if at all, whether or not they were clean in their old apartment, any damage they might have caused, and why they moved. Each of these can be very important factors because it affects how they will treat their new rental, which can be a problem if they damage the home and then complain about it.

If you can, it is also a great idea to verify employment either via a credit check or by calling the current employer. The latter also gives you the opportunity to get a good idea of what people think of your prospective tenant, which can help you with making your decision.

If you hire SJA Property Management to be your Redmond property management company than we offer full tenant screening including interviews, background checks, and credit checks, meaning that you get a great tenant without any of the hassle!