Having an empty rental property can be stressful for property owners and rental property managers.  SJA Property Management, a Seattle Property Management company, would like to share some quick and easy ways to stage your rental property.

First, put yourselves in the shoes of prospective tenants.  They usually don’t have a lot of time to look and when they start looking at rental units they aren’t just looking at one or two places. Prospective tenants are looking at many rental units and things can tend to get a little blurry at some point, and then they can start blending together.  Staging your unit to make an impact may get those tenants to stop looking once they have seen your unit and sign the lease right there. Here are some quick simple things you can do to stage your property:


  • The Landscape: mow the lawn, trim the hedges, and add a flower pot or two.
  • Front walkway/door: Make sure it is clear of clutter and check to see if the lights and the doorbell are functioning properly.
  • Do some quick touch-ups on chips/cracks.


  • Entrance: Using a doormat welcoming your prospective tenants can add a warming touch and will help protect rugs/hardwood floors from dirt tracked in from outside.
  • Windows:  Add some curtains or blinds
  • Bathroom: Add hand soap, hand towel, and toilet paper.  Maybe even a shower curtain.  You never know when someone has to use the restroom, plus bathrooms look very drab when they are just empty. 
  • Try to put on a fresh coat of paint after a previous tenant has moved out or go through and try to remove any stains or scuffs on the walls.
  • Aroma: try to use candles/potpourri to add a pleasant scent to your surroundings.

Simple touch-ups, such as these, can make the difference from a vacant property to a signed lease.  SJA Property Management has experience and can help you with your vacant property.  Contact our Seattle property management experts today to set up an appointment.