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Troubleshooting Guide

Before submitting a Maintenance Request, please review this Maintenance Troubleshooting Guide.

Doing this may avoid unnecessary calls to vendors and possible chargeback costs to you.

Safety Related Issues

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors “chirp” or don’t work when tested

  • Replace batteries and press and hold button to reset
  • If the problem persists, obtain permission from SJA to replace the detector and we will reimburse you for the cost
  • If you cannot replace the detector, Submit a maintenance request

Do not remove the battery or the detector. It is required by law that the detector be in place and functional at all times.

Door, Window and Lock Concerns

  • Condensation on the inside surface of the window
  • Wipe down condensation
  • Reduce humidity with exhaust fans, opening windows and using dehumidifiers
  • Windows are difficult to open – check for debris or foreign objects in window track
  • The window will not lock properly, submit a maintenance request. If the window is on the first story, please put in a temporary wood dowel, so it cannot open and submit a maintenance request

Appliance Concerns

(Note: Many manufacturers offer websites where you can download manuals to help troubleshoot your appliance)

Appliance not Working

  • If the appliance is plugged into a wall-switch electrical outlet, make sure the switch is ON
  • Check and reset all the GFCI circuits (kitchen, bathrooms, etc.)
  • Check the circuit breaker on the panel box controlling the outlet to see if the breaker has flipped and reset it.
  • Reset the breaker by flipping each breaker hard to the OFF position, then hard to the ON position
  • Some appliances come with their own separate fuses or circuit breakers; review the manufacturer’s service manual and check for proper setting

Garbage Disposal not Working

(NOTE: Residents are responsible for service calls for garbage disposals if no mechanical malfunction is found)


  • Please watch this how-to video:
  • Garbage disposal “hums” and will not operate
    • Press the reset button on the bottom of the disposal unit under the sink
    • If still jammed, turn off unit (unplug if possible), find the disposal wrench (or use an Allen wrench), and turn bottom of the disposal counter-clockwise. Press the reset button again.
  • Bad smells: Grind lemon peels and ice to prevent odors
  • Garbage disposal is clogged or making a grinding sound
    • Turn garbage disposal OFF (unplug if possible) (underneath)
    • Remove excess food items or foreign objects
    • Then use disposal wrench and turn bottom disposal clockwise

Dishwasher won’t run

  • Flip the wall switch on
  • Make sure locking switch is engaged
  • Check timer settings
  • Clean food or foreign objects out of the bottom of the dishwasher
  • Rinse dishes appropriately before putting in the dishwasher

Dryer not Drying

  • Check the dryer vent for obstructions and clean/vacuum
  • Ensure dryer is on the proper setting for maximum drying
  • Clean the lint filter (this should be done after every load)

No electricity

No power to Outlets, Switches or a general area

  • Check if outlet works with a light switch
  • Check if outlet works with a different corded object
  • Check ALL GFCI receptacles (kitchens, baths, etc.) and push the red reset button
  • Please watch this how-to video:
  • Check Breaker Panel or fuse box.
  • Reset breaker by flipping each breaker hard to the OFF position, then hard to the ON position
  • Check if there is a local power outage


Heat or Air Conditioning not working

  • Check the Thermostat, make sure it is properly set on “cool” or “heat” or replace the battery
  • Check if the filter needs to be cleaned or replaced
  • Check to see if the gas pilot light is lit (gas furnace). If so, press the reset button. If not, contact your local power company and they will light it free of charge
  • Check to see if the breaker is tripped (electric furnace)
  • Check to make sure all furnace doors/covers are on correctly. Incorrectly installed covers can trigger shut off of switches.
  • Check outside unit, clear any obstructions of debris, bushes, leaves, etc.
  • Reduced airflow or excessive dust on vents and registers
  • Burning smell when the heat is first turned on for the season


Water Issues

  • No water – Please submit maintenance request or call maintenance line, if after hours
  • Water too hot – The hot water should be set to 120 degrees or below. If over that amount, check thermostat on the tank and turn it down
  • No hot water

Toilet Issues

  • Toilet runs constantly, or makes dripping or gurgling noise
      • Open the back tank and check for kink or disconnect lift chain from the handle lever which is preventing the flap from sealing properly
      • If unable to stop toilet run – turn off water to the toilet using the knob behind the toilet until a vendor can access the problem. This will prevent high water bills
  • Toilet backing up or overflowing – Residents are responsible for service calls for clogged toilets if no malfunction is found
      • Please watch this how-to video:
      • Turn valve at base of toilet to “off” position and plunge
      • Mop up excess water IMMEDIATELY
      • Do not: use snakes or other metal objects to unclog

Sink Issues

  • Faucet or hose sprayer – water flow drips, or is reduced
      • Aerator at tip of faucet is clogged, unscrew aerator and clean
  • Slow draining sink or bathtub
      • Do not: use Drano or other cleaning chemicals
      • Do not: detach plumbing, use snakes or metal objects to clean out drains
      • Do: Remove hair and debris from drain
      • Do: Use plunger
  • Water Leaks under pipes/puddling around toilets – Clean up water and put a bucket or towel down to prevent damage. Submit Maintenance Request

Garage Remotes/Doors

Remote does not work or has limited range.

Garage door will not close.

    • Normally this is caused by the sensors on either side of the garage door either being blocked or out of alignment
    • Remove anything that may be blocking them. Adjust each sensor so they are directly facing each other
    • Please watch this how-to video:

Pest Control

Tenants are responsible for normal insect and rodent maintenance/removal, unless the pests were in the property prior to move in.


    • Do not store food in the garage or on the ground. This includes pet food
    • Keep all garbage off the ground and in the proper receptacle
    • Please watch this how-to video: