Spring is almost here and for many of us, that means spring cleaning. If you own property in Bellevue then you might want to consider doing yearly maintenance and cleanup now, before summer starts, and before people start getting ready to move and rent. These quick Bellevue property management tips should have your property cleaned up and ready to go before you have to show your property.

Curb Appeal Matters

You might not think much of the grass not being mowed, or even if there isn’t any grass, but your tenants will. Clean up the yard, fix any broken panels outside, and make sure the gutters are clean. If the yard is a mess, fix it up. Planting grass seed and putting in a few window boxes or fences now will help you rent more quickly when spring does arrive, so make sure you’re ready.

Clean up the Neighborhood

While it might sound costly and time consuming, statistics show that if a home across the street from one you are trying to rent is in poor repair, your home will lower in value. It is also true that a home in poor repair will lower the rental value of your own. By offering to clean up the local neighborhood you can achieve a potential tax deduction for your charity donated time or money, a higher value neighborhood, and a better likelihood of a rental. You can check with Bellevue cleanup programs including Neighborhood Fitness which engages residents in a series of positive and collaborative activities to improve neighborhood appearance and boost sense of community and pride.

Check the Building Against Local Codes

If you aren’t familiar with Bellevue codes and ordinances for rental properties, you can check with the city hall. Some of the very important regulations include that all doors and windows be sturdy and feature working locks. The home must also not present any safety hazards including combustible materials, debris, or construction flaws. Essentially, the building must be completely safe, even if currently unoccupied. Importantly, the Bellevue Fire Marshall should inspect the home before rental and will be obliged by law to periodically inspect even a vacant home for fire hazards.

Perform Basic Maintenance and Cleanup

From fixing broken tiles to scrubbing down the outside of the house, part of spring cleanup involves literal cleaning. Make sure the curbs, the roof, the gutters, and the interior of the house are clean. If the previous tenants were messy then consider having the carpets professionally shampooed. A clean home is more appealing to potential tenants so you will make your money back over time. If you own a lot of homes you can either consider purchasing your own carpet steam cleaner or making a deal with a large company. If you don’t have the connections to clean up and maintain your home affordably, or simply do not have the time, you might want to consider hiring a Bellevue property management company like SJA Property Management to manage the day to day details of rentals, keep your properties cleaned up and looking good, and of course, to rent your homes as quickly and efficiently as possible.