Many property owners end up renovating or improving their property in order to increase the rent or lease price, but unfortunately, you sometimes need paperwork. If you’re planning to renovate your home, you can use these easy Bellevue property management tips to make sure you’re in the clear, or check to see what type of paperwork you need. While you don’t have to fill out a form for everything, you do with the following items.

Moving Gas or Water Lines

Whether or not they are inside the walls of your property, you need a permit for moving or modifying any sort of gas or power lines inside of Bellevue. This includes moving water lines for a new bathtub or sink, or moving the gas line to put a stove somewhere else. You will have to fill out the paperwork and get an approval for safety and information reasons, so that if something goes wrong, the city knows where it is. Usually you should get your paperwork back within 3 hours on a business day.


If you are adding on to your property in any way, you need a permit. This includes adding a story, building another room, building a smaller building or shed on the premises, adding dormers, decks, porches, garages, and more. However, if a deck or porch is less than 30” off the ground, you probably do not need a permit.

Walls and Fences

You need a permit for certain retaining walls and fences. For example, if your retaining wall is going to be four feet or higher and your fence 8 feet or higher, then you need a permit. Usually it is relatively easy to obtain the permit and you can do so in less than a few hours. However, they might ask you for the reason for the fence or wall, which you can usually answer ‘privacy’ or if you are improving the view.

Electric Rewiring

If you are rewiring the electricity on a property then you definitely need a permit. You may also have to submit proof that the work is being done by a qualified individual as there have been many problems with fires caused by improper wiring. You should make your hire before getting your permit.


You will need a permit for making any modifications to the roof of a home, but not for roofing repair. Likewise, you will need a permit for stripping a home of siding and re-doing it, but you will not need a permit for repairs or replacement. This permit is usually very easy to get.

There are many things that require a permit but usually anything that does not require major changes or adjustments to city property (such as sewer or water) does not require a permit. You can check for the paperwork at where you can download, print, and fill out the major paperwork.

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