Did you know that most people are more likely to rent a home if it has a great view? Or that any first impressions can be a deal breaker if the tenants don’t like what they see? Read these Sammamish condominium management tips on improving the exterior of your condo before you take people to rent it. The better the weather, the more important the yard and exterior of the home should be. Here are a couple of tips for making sure your tenants fall in love when they view the property.

Fix the View

Check the view from every window. If the view is less than desirable, do whatever you can to fix it. Back windows with a view of a highway or store can be improved with a high fence, and maybe some plants, front views should usually look on the street, but should be nice as well. If you see any view that doesn’t look great, think creatively and try to fix it.

Check the Yard

Are there mud patches? Trash? No green grass? Clean up, rake the leaves, and if necessary plant grass. You can also install flower boxes and plant low maintenance flowers such as tulips, marigolds, iris’, or anything else that you can pick up at your local garden shop. Remember to look for easy to maintain because you don’t want to spend too much time taking care of them before renting the place out, but you don’t want dead flowers either.

Consider Refurbishing

Take a look at the exterior of the home and decide on your own if you want to refurbish or not. A new paint job or new siding can definitely improve the look of a condo, but you might not need it. You should also check the windows and doors and consider replacing them if they are very old. What else? Take a look at rain gutters, roofing or shingles, and even any fencing and make sure it is in good repair. Checking to make sure everything is clean will also help.

A Patio

Did you know that having a patio or gazebo in the back yard might considerably increase then rental rate of your condo? People are mostly more likely to accept a higher rental rate if they see more perceived value. Patios, gazebos, small ponds, and other outdoor amenities are all perfect for increasing perceived value. Remember that you don’t want to spend too much so budget carefully.

The exterior image of your condo is only the first impression for anyone who plans to rent the home. You should also pay attention to the interior, and make sure that there are plenty of services available to entice people to rent. You can also contact SJA Property Management to learn more about our Sammamish condominium management services.