As a landlord the safety of your tenants must be one of your first priorities. This is why as Bellevue property managers we feel we should inform you of the laws regarding smoke detectors. Your responsibility as a landlord is to keep the premises fit and safe for your tenants. 

Smoke Detectors can be very easily neglected. Some of us may even forget that many of them are battery operated. But if a fire does occur on your premises and the smoke detector fails, not only are you held liable for the damage and the fire created, you better hope no lives were lost, and in the end you have also lost your property.

Washington State Law requires landlords to provide written notice to all tenants disclosing fire safety and protection information. The written notice must also contain the following in accordance to RCW 59.18.060:

  • Whether the smoke detection device is hard-wired or battery operated;
  • Whether the building has a fire sprinkler system;
  • Whether the building has a fire alarm system;
  • Whether the building has a smoking policy, and what that policy is;
  • Whether the building has an emergency notification plan for the occupants and, if so, provide a copy to the occupants;

These are just a few examples of what is required from the landlord to “keep the premises fit for human habitation” (RCW 59.18.060).

Although, this all does sound very overwhelming, when it comes to Landlord duties and Bellevue Property Management, we are well informed of these laws. Having a professional property manager like SJA Property Management will help save you from ever dealing with these laws and regulations.