You probably know that hiring a property management company can save you time, save you hassle, and handle a great deal more units then you ever could on your own, but you might not have considered that it might actually save you money as well. If you own property in Bellevue and want a property manager to handle the details for you, then it’s true, we could actually be saving you money. Here are a couple of reasons why Bellevue property managers are easier on your wallet then you might think.  

We Handle the Paperwork  

Paperwork might seem like a simple thing, but for rentals, it is very serious. As a landlord you have to handle all of your expenses and income for your taxes as well as all of the legal paperwork for your tenants, permits, inspections, and maintenance bills. Keeping up with everything can be a chore and if you don’t hire a property manager, you might have to pay an accountant to do a lot of it for you. We include it in our services, which means that you don’t have to worry about it.  

We Know People 

They always say that it’s who you know, and when it comes to paying for real estate services like maintenance, cleaning, and air conditioning. While you would have to pay for them anyway, we work with large volume vendors who offer discounts for all of the rentals we manage, which means that we get you better prices.  

Shorter Vacancy Periods  

The key thing to remember about hiring a property manager is that we don’t get paid until you do. That’s right. You don’t have to pay anything until your units are filled. That means we’ll go out of our way to market and advertise your rentals so that you start making money, because otherwise we won’t. It’s a win-win situation. Having shorter vacancy periods means that you make more money, because you get extra rent. In fact, did you know that it can take an average of 30-90 days to fill an apartment on your own but sometimes as little as 1-3 weeks with a property manager? That’s a lot of extra rent! How do we do it? We create high conversion marketing videos and combine them with a couple of standard and digital marketing techniques to get your properties seen and rented.  

We Save You Gas 

If you have any experience managing property on your own then you know that it’s not always fun driving too and from the apartment unit, unless you live there. The problem is, unless you only have one or two tenants, you have a lot of driving to do. While saving gas is saving money, you’ll also be saving time and hassle, because when your tenants pick up the phone to call someone for help, it will be us and not you.  

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