Hiring a property management company can be a hassle, especially if you’re not sure how to choose a good one, or if you’re trying to replace a company that didn’t work out. Whatever your needs, there are usually a lot of benefits to choosing a local Redmond property management company, rather than one that works across the country. If you’re not sure, here are a couple of reasons.  

Local People  

If you like to help out your local community and economy, then that’s your first reason to choose a local property management company. While you definitely don’t want to choose a mom & pop business for this sort of management, you can support locally, and support companies that give back to the Redmond and Seattle area.  

Knowledge of the Local Redmond  

Local knowledge is a huge advantage of hiring a property manager in Redmond, mainly because it allows your property manager to market your property effectively. Knowing the area means knowing the amenities, what to avoid mentioning, any plusses of renting the properly, value, and where schools are located. All of this information becomes hugely beneficial when it comes to marketing property, but local knowledge comes in handy for far longer than the initial marketing. Local property managers also know who to hire for maintenance, who is reliable for repairs, which companies charge the least, and how and where to get emergency work done. A big company from out of state would just hire the most convenient option.  

Easy Access to Tenants  

Another great thing about hiring a local company is that you won’t have to worry about renting. While local marketing is a great way to go, a great Redmond Property Management company already has a system of contacts set up, so that when new units open in the area, they can find viable tenants within a few weeks, rather than a few months. The sooner you start renting, the sooner you start making money.  

Puget Sound Law Knowledge  

If you were from out of state, you wouldn’t know anything about recent law updates, such as mandatory registration and inspection for all Seattle area homes and apartments up for lease. If you do know, you can begin to prepare your units for inspection, so that the property owner wouldn’t have to worry. Other, similar knowledge can save you from a lot of trouble, especially if you’re relatively new to the real estate investment business. Because there are a lot of laws and regulations, you need someone who is familiar with them to manage your property.  

There are numerous benefits to hiring a local property manager, and among them are the fact that a local manager can arrive more quickly, live nearer to the tenants, be able to handle emergencies faster, and have local contacts for almost everything you need.  

Want to know more about what a great Redmond property management company can do for you? Contact us to discuss your needs, ask for a quote, or to learn more.