Owning rental or investment property is a great thing, especially if you’ve already paid it off and don’t have a mortgage, but renting out the units is often another question entirely. Because the majority of first time investors have absolutely no marketing experience, investing in property can be a set failure if you do not have a marketing strategy or a Bothell property manager to help fill the units. Because, of course, you won’t make any money unless you can rent out the property. Whether you have commercial or residential property, here are a few marketing tips to help you get your tenants.

Use Professional For Rent Signs  

Professionalism is the easiest way to rent out property. Rather than using cheap, homemade signs, make sure that you spend a few bucks having professional for rent signs make up. This might be expensive on a one-off basis, but it is worth it in that renters are more likely to be interested. Why professionalism? Most renters assume that if your marketing is subpar, your management probably will be too.

Don’t Forget To Network 

If you have one or two rental units then you might be able to easily fill them out by advertising them to your work or social network. However, it usually is not a good idea to rent out to friends or family members, unless they are very professional.

Use the Internet  

The Internet is literally the best place to advertise for an apartment and making digital marketing strategies like walkthrough videos and online pages can literally rent the unit out for you. Not all listings are free, and you will have to search through them to find ideal listing opportunities for your home, but they are the best way to market.

Tips for Multi-Units  

If you have a large apartment building with several units then you have several other rental opportunities including billboards, talking with the human resources department at the Bothell University to get references for students, and using a newspaper advertisement.

Hire a Bothell Property Manager  

The easiest way to rent out property is to let someone else do the marketing for you. A professional Bothell property management company can handle all of the marketing with the professionalism that gets tenant attention, and then do house showings, and sign a contract without you ever having to lift a finger. Best of all, marketing is free, because a property manager only takes a percentage of the rent without charging fees for services. Marketing property can be a hassle, especially if marketing isn’t exactly your forte, but if you have a property manager, you don’t have to be good at it because you won’t have to handle it.

Do you want to know more about what a good Bothell property management company can do for you? Contact us or check out our services page to learn more.