This video discusses the new process for evicting tenants in Washington State. According to the governor’s moratorium, evictions for nonpayment of rent were not allowed before November 1st, 2021. Except for properties located within the city of Seattle, evictions for nonpayment of rent are now allowed throughout the State. However, Seattle’s landlord-tenant laws change frequently, and we suggest you visit the city website for the most updated information and timelines.

There are some additional requirements that a landlord must follow to move forward with filing an unlawful detainer action; the main one is taking part in the Eviction Resolution Program (“ERP”). The ERP has been developed to help reduce the number of anticipated evictions filings resulting from the Covid 19 job losses.

The Eviction Resolution Program is a way for landlords and tenants to mediate their disputes with the help of a facilitator. If a resolution is reached between the landlord and the tenant, filing an eviction will not be necessary. Typically, a mutually beneficial solution will involve a tenant’s past due rent payment plan. If a tenant fails to adhere to the agreement, the ERP will provide the landlord with a certificate that allows the landlord to file an eviction action. In cases where the landlord and tenant cannot agree to the ERP mediation or the tenant does not respond or participate in the program, a landlord may file for an eviction action.

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Notice to Residential Landlords and Tenants in Washington 

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