Whether you’ve just purchased your first office building, or are wondering how to better utilize your time, office property management can help you to save time and possibly money as well. As an owner, you might be too busy to check up on your clients, collect rent, or have to travel too far. Here are five great reasons you should consider office property management instead of managing your own.

1. You Don’t Live Nearby

One of the biggest pitfalls of owning property is that you might not live anywhere near the property. When you consider that most offices in Seattle are located downtown, and most residential buildings on the other end of town, you could be looking at a time consuming venture each time you visit the property. Collecting rent, checking for damage, and taking complaints could all take a large chunk of your day. In this case, hiring a commercial property management company in Seattle might be a great idea.

2. You Own a Lot of Offices

Did you know that the more offices you own, the more time you will have to spend taking care of them? An office property management company can help you to time manage by taking care of the day to day details including background checks, credit checks, accepting rent, and of course, mitigating any problems the tenants might have and ensuring they are solved as quickly as possible. A professional property management company will of course have the necessary connections for setting repairs and maintenance up as efficiently and cheaply as possible, so you won’t have to worry about it.

3. You Have A high Vacancy Rate

If many of your offices are empty, you might want to hand the property over to someone with more experience, or a better success rate. Commercial property managers will be able to quickly and efficiently optimize your renting, repairs, and screening process so that you get as many tenants as possible with the least amount of hassle, or expense.

4. You Don’t Know the First Thing About Managing

If you’re new to property management in Seattle, you might want to hand your offices over to the pros. Even if you want to learn how to manage your property in the future, you can hire a property management company who can handle the details while you learn the ropes. Inexperience isn’t necessarily a bad thing, especially not if you’re willing to admit you don’t know how to do something. What is a bad thing is making costly errors because you aren’t familiar with how things work.

5. You’re Not Good with People

If you’re not good with handling people, especially people who tend to complain about everything, you might not be very good with tenants. If you know you aren’t good with tenants then that might be an even bigger reason to hire property managers.  If you don’t know how to handle an eviction, the ins and outs of landlord-tenant law, or how to handle complaints and maintenance, hiring an office property management company could be the best way to go. Do you need property management of any kind? Contact SJA Property Management for all of your Seattle property management needs.