If you’re looking to hire a Woodinville property management company then you probably want to know what they do, how effective they are, and how they work. One of the services that property managers like SJA offer is marketing, which means that you don’t have to worry about filling your units. No matter which property management company you hire, it is important to ascertain that not only do they market, but also how they market. For example, you wouldn’t want to hire a marketer who thinks that proper advertisement is sticking a “for rent” sign in the yard and leaving it alone. Instead, you want a company that aggressively markets your units and fills them as quickly as possible so that you start making money. When you go with SJA, here’s what you get.  

Marketing Package  

The first thing that we do when we get a new property is begin to set up a marketing package. This means taking photos, creating a video tour, and creating a profile for the property. We then decide where, how, and to whom the property should be marketed. This is important because it allows us to customize our marketing strategy for the home, for the demographic of interested renters, and for the area, so that you get much faster results.  

Market to Our Network  

SJA maintains an extensive network of relocation companies and real estate companies, allowing us to work with companies who wish to relocate employees and executives. This allows us to easily find high-quality tenants being moved to the area by their employers. Because the Seattle area has an expected job growth of 41.63% over the next ten years, this is a huge resource for finding new tenants. It also means that we can find tenants without waiting for them to come to us, because we already know people looking for houses to rent.  

Online Advertisement  

One of the most effective ways to market property is to create a professional video tour, and then create online profiles on top real estate service sites such as Zillow, Trulia, and many more. We use these profiles, combined with professional photos and videos, and social media marketing to direct users searching for homes to rent from around the area to your property. The result is that you get a great deal more interest then you would through purely traditional forms of marketing.  

In addition to our marketing package, we have the advantage of being a well-established large renter. SJA gets an average of 70-100 phone calls from prospective tenants each day, meaning that we can quickly place tenants and fill units. We also don’t charge you until your units are full, which means that we don’t make money unless you do.  

Hiring a property manager should mean getting great marketing services because unfilled units are the biggest drain on your income as a property investor. Want to know more? Contact us at 425-285-1324 to find out more, or to request a personalized management quote for your units.