Managing your own property is a lot of work, especially if you have a full time job, or a family, but you might be wondering what you get from professional management. While not every Kirkland property management company offers the same services, the following includes a list of what you get when you choose SJA.  

Leasing and Pre-Leasing  

From the minute you sign a contract with Kirkland Property Managers, you begin to benefit from both leasing and pre-leasing services. These include:  

Marketing – Your property is photographed, catalogued, and distributed through and extensive network to find a tenant as quickly as possible. Your property is also marketed through online channels, where it is more likely to be seen, and rented. Because we don’t charge anything until we rent out your units, it is in our best interest to find tenants, so that you can start making money.  

Showing Property – The real estate team at SJA offers full home and apartment showings to potential tenants, so that they can see the property and make a decision, and you can save valuable time.  

Tenant Screening – Before we accept tenants for your property, we fully screen them to ensure that they have a history of paying their rent, and can properly take care of your property. This allows us to ensure that you get the best tenants.  

Paperwork – Your Kirkland property managers handle all of your paperwork, including professional leasing and rental agreements drawn up by a real estate lawyer. This ensures that all of your rental terms are legally enforceable.  

Move In Inspection – We perform a move in inspection to note down the condition and quality of everything in the unit.  

Property Management 

 Once we fill your units, we continue to offer quality service including full property management, access to our marketing team, access to our real estate attorneys, and more.  

Maintenance – We work with local companies to offer regular maintenance at the lowest prices, so that you get the benefit of top quality, regular maintenance without having to handle it yourself, or pay full rates.  

Emergency Repairs – You also get 24-hour emergency repair when you hire SJA. Tenants get a 24-hour emergency number that they can call to get a fast response, and emergency repairs, no matter what the time. 

Collection and Deposit – Not only do we provide tenants with an online portal where they can easily check the status of the rent, we also offer online payment options, and take care of all of the collection and collection notices. All you have to do is wait for us to deposit it for you.  

Issues and Evictions – In the unfortunate case that you have issues with the tenants, or there are legal grounds for an eviction, the real estate attorneys at SJA will completely handle it for you, and immediately set about finding a new tenant. 

Hiring a professional property manager means allowing someone else to take over the day to day details of management, as well as the time consuming tasks like tenant screening, inspections, maintenance, and repair. When you hire Sterling Johnston and Associates, you get the best of everything, from a world class real estate team, so that all you have to worry about is your next investment.