Are you a landlord that doesn’t live near your rental property, or do you have a few rental property locations that you are trying to manage? Then you probably have experienced picking up the rent checks or waiting for them to come in the mail at the beginning of every month. You also know that this process can take a lot of time and effort out of your day. Let’s not forget that you will then need to keep track of who paid rent, who is late on paying, and then start sending reminders if payment is overdue. SJA Property Management, Seattle property management has provided a service to tenants to pay rent online directly to our office, even by using a credit card. 

There are plenty of “Pay Rent Online” services, such as, that can help reduce the stress of collecting rent and sending out overdue reminders. Online Rent Payment will also help reduce some stress for your tenants as well. For most people rent payment is their biggest monthly expense. You can provide this service for your tenants to pay rent online so they don’t have to stress about getting their check into the drop box, worrying about mailing the check out on time, or coordinating payments with a roommate. As you know, a stress-free tenant is always a happy tenant.

Start researching the best online rent payment service companies that will help serve your needs, or contact SJA Property Management, Property Management of Seattle to help you. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.