Going green is on everyone’s mind these days, and for good reason. Not only is saving the environment good for the planet, it’s also good for your wallet, and according to large companies, a really good marketing tactic. There are plenty of different ways that you can make your rental properties greener and more wallet friendly. Best of all, you can turn around and introduce those green changes into your marketing scheme, which helps you to fill units faster. Here’s what top Seattle Property management experts have to say on going green.  

Go Digital – Digital marketing, digital bookkeeping, and digital transactions are all faster, more convenient, and more eco-friendly than keeping paper records of everything. While you do have to be careful with your digital copies, you don’t have to store all of the paperwork anywhere but one or two computers. So essentially, it makes sense every way you look at it. Plus, even if you don’t have a Seattle property management company handling your paperwork, you can use a number of apps to sync all of your data between tablets and computers for maximum efficiency.  

Energy Star Doors and Windows – Did you know that installing Energy Star windows can actually get you a tax rebate. While you should discuss your options and calculate how much. The tax credit per home is limited to $200, which means that you won’t save much. However, you can advertise as eco-friendly. In addition, the home will use less heating and cooling, which is also better for the environment.  

Install Energy Efficient Boilers  – Heating is always a big issue, and hot water even more so. Most apartment dwellers want as much hot water as they can use without ever having to worry about the consequences of water waste, but a big boiler is definitely not the answer. Large boilers consume a great deal of energy keeping water heated at all times. Instead, consider investing in an eco-friendly boiler, or a flash boiler, which only boils water as it is needed.  

Replace the Toilets  – In some cases, the Seattle government offers rebates of up to $75 when you replace old toilets with efficient ones. These toilets save water, which allows you to be more energy efficient, and with the rebate, won’t cost you a great deal of money.  

Install Water Collection  – Installing rain barrels and other water collection methods around your building can actually save you money as well. The State of Washington actually recommends that you collect water from the roof during rains and then use it to water lawns and shrubs on the property.  

Going Green is a great way to help the environment, your wallet, and your marketing, may allow you to charge more for your apartment, and will save you money over time. It’s also incredibly popular, especially in the Seattle area. Other tips that you might be able to use include installing smart thermostats for users, installing bamboo instead of hardwood flooring, and using motion activated lights around the exterior of the building. You can also go even greener with solar panels and wind generators, but you need professional help to install them properly.