If you’re already a property investor, have units in Seattle, Kirkland, or Bellevue, or even live in Sammamish, you might be thinking about investing property there. But why should you? If you don’t know the area, don’t live locally, or even aren’t sure you can afford an initial investment, you might be having second thoughts. However, here are the top five reasons that Sammamish is actually one of the best places in Washington to invest your real estate. And from the local Real Estate Associations to Sammamish residential property management companies, you can benefit company wise as well.

One of the Friendliest Towns in America

A poll by Forbes including more than 500 towns in the United States ranked Sammamish as one of the top 15 friendly towns. With quotes from locals saying that they’ve never lived in a town that made them feel more welcoming, and a great reputation, Sammamish is sure to attract the best types of renters. Purchasing a full size home in the area and then renting it to a family could be a great way to invest in the area.

Lots to Do and See

Sammamish is not only friendly it is also beautiful and offers plenty of attractions. Skiing, hiking, biking, water sports, a weekly farmers market, concerts in the park, Shakespear in the Park, Jazz Nights, an Art Festival, and Sammamish days are all just some of the attractions. For the view, Sammamish offers snowcapped mountains, lake view, and plenty of trees.

Low Crime and High Employment

Sammamish has an employment rate of 95% which is actually higher than most cities in America. This means that crime is low a well, and statistics point that it is roughly as low as unemployment at about 5%. With this in mind, your property would benefit from a great environment with little hazards or risks.

Plenty of Local Investors

Sammamish is within 7 or 8 miles of many real estate investors and associations, so whether you need help, or are looking for funding, you can find it locally. There are 25 local real estate association meet-ups including options in Seattle, Bellevue, Woodinville, Everett, and Renton.

Local Residential Property Mangers

If you don’t live nearby, or don’t know how to manage property, hiring a Sammamish residential property management company could be your best option. Fortunately, you’ll have a couple of great choices including SJA Property Management. A property management company can collect rent, handle repairs, and even rent out the apartment or house.

Investing in Sammamish real estate could be a great move on your part, especially if you want to purchase something, fix it up, and then advertise it as a high end rental in one of the nicest towns in America. Hiring a Sammamish residential property management company can help you succeed as well, especially if you don’t live in the area. If you’re interested in investing, visit the area, talk to a real estate manager, or look for property for sale.