If you’ve got property in Woodinville then you probably need a property management company. Whether you live too far away, don’t have the time, or simply don’t have the expertise to handle maintenance, take calls, screen tenants, and fill units, you can benefit from a Woodinville property manager. The city is close enough to Seattle that more and more people are finding homes there to escape from Seattle’s ever-rising rent, meaning that apartments, multi-family houses, and even commercial units are quickly rising in demand. For this reason, you want a Woodinville property management company with the experience, connections, and reliability to market your property to surrounding areas. But what do you look for? Here are a couple of considerations.  

More Than Local Connections 

One thing that you should definitely keep an eye out for is a company that offers services in more than one area. Woodinville is relatively small and if you invest in another area then you might want a company that can service your property there as well. Plus, because Woodinville is relatively small, any company that operates solely in the city might be too small to meet your needs.  

A Reliable History 

Second, check around to see if the company has a reputable reputation. Most established property management companies have reviews on Google Places and Yelp, so you can see what people think of them there. Usually you want to stay away from anyone with three stars or lower feedback as they definitely have some unhappy customers.  

Low Cost 

Looking for an affordable property manager is always important, but make sure you keep the most important factors in mind. They should offer the services you need, and do them as often as you need. Remember to consider value over time when you determine which companies are expensive and which are not. For example, some property management companies charge outrageous rates to fill a unit, you probably want to avoid these.  

A Good Maintenance Policy  

How often does the property management company inspect your property? How do they handle repairs? A good property manager should have their own repair company on call so that they can have items fixed as quickly as possible. Checking to make sure that they handle any type of repair is also important.  

Regular Statements & Accounting 

Another major thing is that you probably want very regular statements and accounting. Check to see how often you get statements if at all, how you are paid, and how often you are paid. A good company should offer biweekly or monthly statements and a monthly check or direct deposit. Most should also offer you a choice between one or two options.  

Advertising Policies  

How and where does the company advertise? Remember that correct advertisement can mean the difference between and empty and a filled unit, so you should look into this. Check to see how much advertising costs at the same time, because any amount of good advertising does not guarantee filled units.  

Extra Services  

You should also pay attention to extras that make your life easier. These can range from automatic billing, setting up a minimum or maximum amount to spend without contacting you first, pre-screening tenants for you, or even handling evictions. There are plenty of different services offered by companies, and you can choose options that suit your needs.  

Remember that when you are looking for a Woodinville property manager your budget, their services, and their professional attitude are the most important things to consider.