Once I apply how long will it take for my rental application to be processed?

Once an application is submitted through our website it normally takes between three to five business days for the screening company to go through the verification process and generate your score. If the leasing agent has not contacted you after three days please follow up with them directly. All application fees are charged by a third party company and therefore are non-refundable.

When is rent due?

Rent is due on the first of the month. Any rent posted on or after the 6th of the month will be subject to a 10% of one month’s rent late fee. Rent will be considered late even if you make a partial payment and fees will be calculated on the full rent amount not on the rent amount still owed.

How do I pay rent?

As a convenience to our tenants and owners, rent is required to be paid online. Around the time of move-in you will receive an email from SJA Property Management inviting you to activate your Tenant Portal. Each secure portal is unique to each tenant and linked to the email provided on the lease. Once you activate your account portal, click on “Make a Payment” choose “E-check” for the free option that will pay your rent directly from your checking account. Choosing the “Credit/Debit Card” option will assess a fee. Please refer to your tenant packet for fees. These fees will not and cannot be waived or refunded by SJA Property Management. All paper checks mailed in to SJA will be subject to a $10.00 Check Processing Fee.

Do I need renters insurance?

SJA Property Management requires that all tenants carry renters insurance. In the event of a break-in, fire, tenant liability, damage to personal property, flood or other loss issues, the tenant’s losses will not be covered without renters insurance. The policies are fairly inexpensive and worth the small investment. If a tenant does not obtain a policy from an outside provider, they will be automatically enrolled in SJA’s renter coverage which will satisfy our lease requirements.

How do I request a normal, non-urgent maintenance item?

For normal, non-urgent maintenance requests please log into your Tenant Portal and click on New Maintenance Request. Please describe the problem with as much detail as possible. For appliance issues, a make and model number will be helpful. This will help your property manager hire the right vendor for the job. Once submitted, a Work Order is emailed to your property manager and they should contact you within 24 hours. The law requires that most repairs be started within 10 days. However we will work diligently to get them done as soon as possible. You can check on the progress of your request through your Tenant Portal as updates will be made throughout the process. Please review our Maintenance Troubleshooting Guide before submitting a maintenance request to avoid potential tenant chargebacks.

What happens in case of an emergency maintenance situation?

For police or fire emergencies, please call 911, and then call your property manager to report the incident. Our after-hours emergency number is 425-658-1944. If there is no answer please leave a message. Someone will respond within 30 minutes. Urgent maintenance items include, but not limited to, sewer backups, a broken water pipe anywhere on the property, a break-in causing an unsecured front door, or major roof leaks with water leaking into the home. If the issue happens between 8:30 am and 5:00 pm you should call your property manager and not the emergency number. A maintenance request should also be submitted.

Can I be charged for maintenance on the property?

Yes. If property damage is caused by tenant neglect or improper use, we are required to charge for the maintenance service. Any broken windows or clogged plumbing will also be repaired at tenant’s expense. Please refer to your lease for more specific items not covered by the Landlord. Please review our Maintenance Troubleshooting Guide before submitting a maintenance request to avoid potential tenant chargebacks

Can I install a satellite dish (Direct TV or Dish Network) on the property?

You must obtain written permission from the property manager. Some condominiums have strict HOA rules about satellite dishes. Once approved, any and all cost of installation is at the tenant’s expense. In some cases, tenant may be responsible for returning the property to original condition at move-out once the dish has been removed.

What is your pet policy?

Each property is different. Pets will be permissible only when the Landlord allows a pet on or in the property. Please ask your property manager if they allow pets. If they are allowed, additional security deposit funds will apply. All pets must be licensed in accordance with State and City regulations. SJA Property Management does not allow dangerous breeds; Akita, Chow, Doberman, Husky, German Shepherd, Pitbull, or Rottweiler. We do not allow puppies under the age of 1 year old. Dogs under the age of 2 years old may require an additional pet/security deposit.

What happens if I need to move before the end of my lease?

If you vacate the property before the expiration of the lease term, you will be obligated under the terms of the lease for the rental payments for the remainder of the term or until the property has been re-rented, whichever is less. Tenants shall also pay any rental costs incurred by the Landlord including but not limited to utility charges, advertising costs, statutory costs and any leasing fees sustained by the Landlord. SJA will work diligently to lease the property as soon as possible and keep your expenses low. It will be in everyone’s best interest if the property is in show condition for prospective new tenants.

When and how should I give notice to vacate?

It is important to refer to your lease for specific terms. Generally, notices to vacate on a term lease must be received by your property manager in writing at least 30 days before the end of your lease. On a month-to-month lease, Landlord or Tenant may give written notice to terminate at least 20 days prior to the end of the monthly rental period. There is a Notice to Vacate form located on the Tenant Portal page for your convenience.

When can I expect to receive my Security Deposit after my lease ends?

After termination of the lease agreement, your manager will do a thorough inspection of your property. They will then send you a check and a statement notifying you of any charges deducted from the deposit. This will be sent out within 21 days from the day property keys are returned. In order to receive a full deposit refund please review and complete the items referenced in the Tenant Move Out Checklist, located on our website. You will also need to provide your manager with a forwarding address.